Exchange-Traded Derivatives

Erik Banks By Greg on Aug 13, 2020

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Erik Banks - Exchange-Traded Derivatives

"Exchange-Traded Derivatives" provides an overview of the global listed futures and options markets, and how individual exchanges and products are adapting to a new operating environment - an environment characterized by rapid, almost continuous, change. This book serves as an ideal resource on the 21st century listed derivative markets, products and instruments. Divided into three parts, "Exchange-Traded Derivatives" begins by providing an overall understanding of the marketplace and the forces that have, and are, altering the operating environment - stressing how exchanges need to change in order to cope with the challenges.The author then provides a comprehensive description of leading established exchanges, detailing their origins and structure, range of products and services, strengths and 'weaknesses'. The book concludes with a look at emerging marketplaces - those in developing countries as well as new "electronic" platforms - that are likely to increase in importance over the coming years. "Exchange-Traded Derivatives" is a valuable reference for fund managers, corporate treasurers, corporate risk managers, CFOs and those seeking a detailed guide to the world's derivative exchanges

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